Capel Fron

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Capel Fron at yr hen banc


Prayer and bible study Tuesday evening
Bi-weekly Ladies meetings on Thursdays
Capel Fron Tots every Friday Morning 
 Bi-weekly youth meeting Friday evening

 40th Anniversary
On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May 2015, Capel Fron held anniversary services to mark 40 years since being established as a gospel church in our area of Gwynedd. Many old friends of the church, former members and people from our community joined us to celebrate God's faithfulness and graciousness. On the Saturday afternoon, Andy Christofides from Cardiff reminded us of the greatness of the gospel, and there was a real sense of God's presence and blessing as we heard testimony of how God has saved sinners, we sang hymns of thanksgiving in English and Welsh, and ate together while looking back at different stages of the church's history. On the Sunday morning we were reminded by Derrick Adams, a previous pastor of the church, of the great privilege of belonging to the church of Jesus Christ. In the evening, our pastor Pete Campbell urged us to look forward and remember our responsibility to take the gospel to a dying world.
We are so thankful to all who helped us, all who provided testimonies of God's goodness to them through Capel Fron, and for all the folks who joined with us or who sent kind regards. Please pray that we would look forward, in reliance on the Holy Spirit's power, to another 40 years of reaching out with the gospel of God's  grace.